Break The Myths About Hair Loss

hair loss

Every part of your body needs special attention. We cannot ignore the needs of any part of our body and more so when it comes to the external body parts that are visible to the outside world. Most people tend to give more attention to the face, even though the hair makes a lot of difference to the face. When a hairstyle in itself can change the way the face looks, imagine how bad it would be if you lost your hair. This is the main reason behind the spurt in the demand for hair loss combatting products like Hairlossable.

Recently, an interesting article in, shed light on a few of the myths related to hair loss, that many people believe to be true.

Trim it to make it grow
Trimming your hair will make it grow; this is one of the biggest myths when it comes to hair. Hair loss is a condition and has no connection to how long or short your hair is. Trimming your hair once in a while will make sure that there are no split ends. It makes your hair look healthy and strong. But, it can never make it grow. The main issue for hair loss is the health of the scalp, which could be due to internal or external factors, but the length of hair has no connection with it.

Shampooing with increase hair fall
Shampooing is done in order to keep the scalp and the hair clean. There is no direct connection between hair fall and shampooing. In fact, shampooing is most recommended when it comes to hair loss as it can ensure that there are no scalp infections because of the accumulation of dirt on the surface. Care should be taken that the shampoo that you use is suitable for the type of hair that you have. Shampooing will only help if you are undergoing any hair loss treatment.

Brushing makes your hair healthy
Brushing regularly is surely going to make your hair look fluffy and nice but that does not mean that your hair in healthy. Healthy hair can be obtained by carefully using the right kind of hair care and also eating the right foods that would give your hair the required nourishments. Too much of brushing could cause damage to your scalp which in turn can increase the hair fall. You have to brush your hair every day and multiple times only if required.

There could be many more myths that you could believe, but most of the truths show the contrary. So it is always better to stick to scientific facts and experiences of others rather than blindly following such myths. The best way to prevent hair loss is to let your hair be on its own, use natural hair treatments rather than using chemicals which even though give you a great look, will eventually affect the quality of your hair. There are many home remedies that you can research for and try them at home. The key to having a perfectly groomed hair is to be conscious and do a proper maintenance.

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